asked May 23, 2003 at 2:03pm
Epson Epson Stylus Color 600

epson 600 (problem red lines)

I have an epson stylus colour 600. I have an ink cartridge that has been refilled several times. It started printing out horiziontal red lines. it prints fine in black. after cleaning the print head and re-alligning etc, it was still printing red lines so I bought a new colour cartridge. I still have the same problem. I've tried cleaning and re-alligning several times and it makes no difference...any ideas anyone?

You probably need to clean out your printer manually. To do that let the cartridge head move to the center and unplug the printer, then wipe clean the rubber wiper and the cartridge caps on the far right of the printer. There is usually a big mess of ink in that area when these problems come up. Water on q-tips usually works well, but be careful not to spill the excess (deionized water is safer if you do spill it). Once the area is clean plug the printer in and try cleaning the cartridges. Epson printer cartridges are very fussy and can quit working if you depressurize them (refilling or removing the inks before they are empty will do that).
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Thanks anonymous, I'll try it and let you know how I get on!
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Suzanne: As an "Epson Authorized Service Dealer", there's only so much information and help that I can legally give. Most of the problems people have are caused by something they did, or did not do and are not always the printers fault...SOME EXAMPLES: Refilling your own cartridges, or having them refilled, or buying third party ink [generic ink, non Epson ink]. No matter what anyone says, all blacks, or colors are not the same. Thats why all companies patient the formulas for there inks. Unfortunatly the wrong ink will usually end up causing problems, sooner or later and can actually cause damage to the "printhead assemblies"...YOU DID SAVE MONEY USING THOSE CHEEPER REFILLED CARTRIDGES, SO I GUESS THAT IS SOME CONSOLATION, BUT THE END EFFECT MAY HAVE NOW STARTED TO SHOW UP...I'm sorry, but normally horizontal lines indicate a HARDWARE FAILURE [part failure], especially if those lines are going side to side on your paper and are more like a line drawn by a ruler. Usually that problem would indicate more of an electrical part failure [example: printhead assembly or main board ]. If the lines are more like small dashes, or streaks they could possibly be caused by a build-up of dust/dirt/hair/lint, stuck to the wet ink on the underside of the printhead assembly. The build-up can actually hang down and act kind of like a very small paint brush. It can drag across the wet letters on your paper and actually smear the wet ink as the printhead assembly moves back-n-forth across the paper. Those marks usually shows up as black marks on text printings, more than colored marks...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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