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Copyright Registration and Timestamp Services

Many new writers think it's necessary to register copyright for their unpublished work. It's not. See Writer Beware's Copyright page for an explanation of why.

Given that registering your copyright isn't necessary (in fact, in most countries it's not even possible–the USA is very much in the minority in having an official copyright registration process), the copyright registration services that advertise themselves online and mercilessly spam new writers aren't necessary either. Not to mention, they charge an inflated fee for something that costs a lot less if you do it yourself (though again, if your work isn't published, you don't need to).

Ditto for the timestamp services, which try to persuade you that it's important to get some sort of official electronic seal on your finished manuscript in order to prove the date of completion. Supposedly this is to aid you if you ever need to go to court for copyright infringement–but you can easily, and just as effectively, support a completion date yourself by keeping drafts, computer files, notes, and so on. And since the timestamps could be corrupted or faked, there's a distinct possibility that they wouldn't stand up in court.

More important, the timestamp services are not official. In the few countries that offer a copyright registration process, the only thing that has legal standing is registration with the official copyright registration source, such as the US Copyright Office.

Copyright registration services and timestamp services are not worth paying for.

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