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​Tell me, how can I improve the quality of my sleep?

Tell me, how can I improve the quality of my sleep?
I haven't been sleeping well lately, constantly tossing and turning in my sleep and waking up at any sound. It irritates me and that's why I want to solve this problem urgently!

I. The Physics of Sleep
Sleep is one of the strangest things we do every day. The average adult spends 36% of his life sleeping. We are energetic, conscious, active organisms during the day, and then we go into a state of hibernation for one-third of our time on earth.

But what is sleep? Why is it so important and how does it restore our body and brain? How does it affect our lives when we are awake?

Purpose of sleep
Sleep serves several purposes that the brain and body need. Let's detail some of the most important ones.

The first purpose is recovery. Every day your brain accumulates metabolic waste during the normal cycle of neural activity. Although this is perfectly normal, the accumulation of large amounts of this waste is associated with neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's disease.

How do we get rid of metabolic waste? Recent studies have shown that sleep plays a crucial role in clearing the brain each night. Although toxins can be flushed out while we're awake, researchers have found that cleaning occurs twice as fast during sleep.

The way this process proceeds is quite impressive:

During sleep, brain cells literally shrink by 60 percent, allowing the brain's waste removal system (it's called the glial-lymphatic system) to virtually "remove junk" in an easier way. The result? Your brain recovers during sleep, and you wake up fresher and with a clearer mind.

The second purpose of sleep is to strengthen long-term memory. Sleep is essential for memory consolidation, the process that maintains and strengthens long-term memories. Insufficient or fragmented sleep can interfere with the ability to form both tangible memories (reality and images) and emotional memories.

Finally, sleep is paramount to a healthy metabolism. Studies have shown that when you sleep 5.5 hours a night instead of 8.5 hours, the proportion of energy you burn comes more from carbohydrates and protein and less from fat. This can predispose you to weight gain and loss of muscle mass. Also, sleep deprivation or abnormal sleep cycles increase the risk of insulin resistance (elevated blood insulin concentrations) and metabolic syndrome, increasing the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

This suggests that good sleep is critical to mental and physical health.

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I think it is important to consider that many people forget that the place where they sleep is also important and affects the quality of sleep. To get a good sleep it is necessary not only to eat right and lead an active life, but also to choose the bed on which you will sleep and the place where this bed will stand. About what kind of mattress is better written on this site . It is best to put your bed near a window with windows protected from sunlight.

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