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​What methods of fighting excess weight do you know?

What methods of fighting excess weight do you know?

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For a successful fight against excess weight, it is necessary to reconsider your diet. The diet should be balanced, with lots of vegetables and fruits rich in fiber. It is important to use light, lean protein products: turkey, chicken, fish, cottage cheese, kefir. High-carbohydrate foods should be excluded, under the ban:


bakery products;

sweet drinks;


You can also use appetite suppressant to make it easier to stick to your diet.

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Analyze your diet, eating habits, and level of physical activity. How are you eating now? If your diet is based on semi-finished products, sweets, baked goods, snacks, sweet carbonated drinks, you should exclude them. It is very difficult to lose extra pounds on food junk. Do you have an eating disorder? Many people have the habit of "binge eating" or "eating for company."

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Any diet involves a large number of prohibitions. Reducing the caloric content of food is achieved by drastically limiting portion sizes and types of foods eaten. What you're used to eating and what you like goes into the number of banned foods. How does our body react to this? What you can't eat, you want to eat now. And if you prepare food for the whole family, it can be difficult not to fail. It takes a lot of motivation and willpower to follow a diet of your choice.

Diets promise a quick effect. But there are questions, such as: what will it be achieved and what will happen afterwards? Unfortunately, the weight that was lost usually comes back and takes a few extra kilos with it. This happens because the body automatically switches to self-defense mode when the caloric intake is reduced drastically.

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