asked Apr 13, 2021 at 1:31pm
Samsung Samsung ML 2510

green and amber led blinking when power on

Issue: when power on, the green and amber led blinking with cooling fan keep running for ~15 min, then everything "fine"

Diagnosis: The cooling fan on is because it thought over temp though the heat roller is cold. After replace the Thermistor on the fuser no help. Noted the 5V DC supply is low ~ 4.3V and ramp to 4.97V after. Replaced the PWM(6-pin) chip on the DC board, no help; Staring at the DC board an hour, noted the 1500uf capacitor near 2 white resistor with a bougeon cap. Possibly the heating dried the capacitor. Replace it with new one. It worked!

This is an evil design to purposely cause the early fail to have a capacitor near the heat source.

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