asked Mar 24, 2021 at 5:40am
Hp HP LaserJet 2420N

replacing cartridge door

I have a LJ2420 and noticed the left hinge on the cartridge door was broken.

I came across another printer of the same modeI which was suffering terminal paperjams, so thought I could cannibalise it to replace the door on mine.

I followed the service manual and got the doors off both printers.

Then I spent two hours trying to put the "new" door on my printer. This requires threading the axle pins through 4 holes in two parts of the door.

Is there some trick to this? I replaced the original door, which was easy as only had to thread the hinge on the right side -- I wondered if it had been broken by someone frustrated by the same problem I was.

Now I have the sacrificial LJ in pieces as I can't put it back together....

Found how to replace the door: disassemble it.

Take some photos of the door to remind how to put it back together.

Insert the white arm on the left of the door through the hole, then slide the outer door onto the pins.

Then raise the door up and slide the interior tray parts on the pins, then reconnect it with the outer door.

Click in the white arm on the right side which controls the lock pin of the toner cart.

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