asked Jan 31, 2021 at 3:14am
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How can a modern student earn money?

I was tired of being constantly penniless and during the quarantine period I thought about looking for a job online. Do you know how a modern student can make money online?

Hello. I would like to recommend to all college students to go freelance at They pay for the performed volume. Write a lot, get a lot. It all depends on your speed of writing and how much free time you will have to complete orders.

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You're right. Now there are many offers for those who want to work. The main thing is desire

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You can search for jobs on social networks or use specialized sites to find a job. But many companies have high requirements for the applicant. And that resume will be examined under a microscope. To make your job search bring you the expected result, apply to the resume service online

Resumeget experts will prepare a high-quality resume for you according to all the rules. They know how to show your best side to employers. This way you will not waste time looking for a job and find the job of your dreams.

Good luck to you ! You can do it !

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Such a nice thread here. Guys, I can't find a job for myself and it makes me too depressed... Can you please help me with this problem?

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Such a nice thread here. I am sure that many people treat their work very carefully. Not everyone wants to lose their job, even if they don't really like it. Lockdown showed what it is. Many were left without a job, forced to search for it on special sites, such as I thus found myself a good vacancy with a decent position. There's a lot of work on the Internet if you look for it. I truly hope that my post will be helpful for everyone.

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This can be done in many places, but you should not count on a large income right away.

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