asked Jan 7, 2021 at 7:11pm
Hp HP LaserJet P3005DN

P3005dn no cartridge blank screen normal?


I'm trying to figure out if having a blank screen and no reaction on pressing the engine test button is an expected behavior when the cartridge is missing.

Basically I got this printer for free, claimed to be in working condition, but without a cartridge. Before spending on a new cartridge, I wanted to confirm if this is normal behavior, as I was expecting the printer to still boot-up and display an error message saying the cartridge is missing.

Reading online, it seems that the behavior I'm observing (blank screen with backlight on, 3 LED steady ON, can hear the fan engages briefly) is more indicative of a formatter board issue.

I'm not surprised the engine test isn't working/reacting when pressed while a cartridge is missing. This is normal behavior, correct?

But is it normal that I get no boot-up from the formatter board if the cartridge is missing? Am I wasting money in buying a cartridge?

Thank you on your input for what would be a normal behavior.

There should be a display. Self test won't work without a cartridge

by moe on Jan 8, 2021 at 3:02pm Add comment