asked Dec 31, 2020 at 2:42am
Canon Canon Pixma MX340

Error code 5100

I have a Canon pixma 340 and I recently changed out the ink cartridges with new ones and ever since then I keep getting check ink cartridge which eventually went away but now I can't get this " printing error 1500 " off my.printer so I can print again.ive googled what to do and turning it off then unplugging it doesn't work.holding the stop button for a few seconds nope..I hate to have to buy another printer but I'm so frustrated im ready to throw this [email protected]#*error down the street..please help..

That year, unfortunately, I also had to face this problem, in the official documentation it is not entirely clear how to solve this problem, especially if you are not an advanced user, then a guide on YouTube helped me in which the author showed how to fix thie error if this error occurs. I don't remember the name of that video anymore, but I remembered for sure that the author had about 30 thousand subscribers on the channel, and I'm sure that he used to buy subscribers.

by William_Morris on Mar 13, 2021 at 11:00am Add comment