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How did you choose the dog breed?

How did you choose the dog breed?

The choice of a dog breed depends on the purpose that you define for yourself when buying it. Free time and living conditions are the main factors you should consider when choosing an animal.

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I have a pug. Dogs of this breed are suitable for living in an apartment, they are small in size, affectionate and get along well with people. They need constant attention and cannot stand being alone. Their upbringing should be done on an equal basis with other breeds and introduced to correct behavior from a young age. It is important

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This is a tricky question to be honest. And the most important thing is not the choice of the breed, but the determination of whether you can become the owner and friend of the dog. Whatever breed of dog you choose, which institution you turn to, first think - are you really ready? Not everyone can keep a dog at home. For example, we have Wirehaired Pointing Griffon we did not choose this breed of dog, it was presented to us as a small puppy. The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is a versatile hunting dog bred by Dutch amateur dog breeder Eduard Karel Korthals. She is renowned for her hunting prowess and incredible dedication to her owner. This breed has a dense, thick coat and can perform its duties effectively in any weather. By the way, this breed of dogs has attractive features: a lively and cheerful disposition, ease of training, obedience, the ability to get along and play with children, all the qualities of an excellent gun dog, the ability to perform well both in water and on land.

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Hey. When we wanted to get a dog, we faced a lot of questions. They all occurEveryone has it, especially if this is their first dog. Purebred or mongrel? At a breeder or shelter? Can you understand what kind of character the dog will have? It was difficult for me to make this choice. Moreover, we have children, and I wanted such a breed of dog to play and love children. I didn't choose the service where to order the essay, I pointed my finger at this one and everything is ok. But this is not a service, this is a real being who also has a heart. Good luck finding your dog breed.

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I did a lot of research before buying any breed and try to understand how I am going to do care of them. The cheap wireless fence for small dogs only comes in my bucket when I buy products for them.

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