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​Can a patient survive with stage four cancer?

Can a patient survive with stage four cancer?

Yes. I had/have stage IV metastatic melanoma. It was discovered in my brain and lungs after I suffered from a sudden seizure at work. That was April 2013. With a few surgeries (2 to the brain and one to remove a lung lobe), a lot of targeted brain radiation, and a few types of immunotherapy, I was finally "cleared" of active disease by July 2016. My brain will be monitored with MRI's indefinitely, and I'm still currently getting CT's every six months to keep watch for anything in the body. Neurologically, I'm still fully intact. I hike, I cycle, I do yoga, and I'm up to 11 miles of running (goal is 1/2 marathon). Aside from being left hypothyroid from the immunotherapy, I'm pretty much the person I was before the cancer hit. I've recovered. I'm surviving. How long will this last? Reviewing the nearest matching statistics we have from trial patients (they did not include people with brain mets)… my odds of dying from something other than my melanoma are the same as any other healthy individual. Cancers vary greatly, as do treatments, and individual responses to treatments. I'm not unique in my survival though. Advances in science are getting more and more people "through the storm" and back into life after stage IV.

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It is very unlikely. You see, my aunt had tried for years to be as alert and alive as before, but we knew how bad is stage 4 breast cancer prognosis That's why we had to send him to a hospice. There he was given the best care that can be given to a person who is ill with an incurable disease. You never know, and it is really awful.

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