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How to choose a dog breed?

How to choose a dog breed? I want to buy a pet, but I just can't decide on the breed. Can you help me with advice?

The choice of a dog must be approached responsibly. If the acquired dog does not meet the needs of the person, then in the end it will be bad for both the owner and the pet.

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The choice of breed strongly depends on the level of human activity. With breeds such as the husky, German shepherd or pit bull, a person with a low level of activity simply cannot cope. For people with a calm character, when choosing, it is better to pay attention to lazier breeds, for example, pugs or Chihuahuas.

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If you want to make a real friend then I recommend you get a Belgian sheepdog . They are incredibly intelligent, balanced, inquisitive and courageous dogs with an excellent memory. They are obedient, highly trainable and exhibit great talent in training. However, only if the contact between the dog and the owner is well established and if there is no room for rough handling in training. Belgian Shepherd Dogs, strong dogs with a broad chest, straight and broad, muscular back, moderately developed belly, continuing the chest line, powerful, strong limbs. The neck is slightly elongated, strong, without dewlap. The head of shepherd dogs is long and dry, the muzzle is of medium length, slightly tapering towards the nose, the transition from the forehead to the nose is moderate. The teeth are healthy, white, strong jaws, scissor bite. The eyes are medium, almond-shaped in shape, brown in color. The look is lively and curious. The ears are triangular in shape, erect, set high. The tail is of medium length, straight, at rest is lowered down, and the tip is slightly pulled up; in the active state, the tail takes the form of a curved curve, does not deviate to the side or curl.

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