asked Aug 3, 2020 at 8:07am
Lexmark Lexmark MX 310

Lexmark MB2236adw Error: Replace Cartridge 0 Estimated Pages Remaining

This is not about the model I selected in the dropdowns. My model isn't listed there.

I recently purchased this black and white multifunction laser printer (Lexmark MB2236adw). It comes with a starter toner cartridge that is supposed to print 700 pages. After about 200 pages, this error appeared and the status changed to "NOT READY".The printer does not even let you update the firmware in this state.

I ordered a new cartridge, but I don't know if this will happen again or how to tell if the problem is with the cartridge or the printer (or the firmware).

I heard there was a tip on this site for Brother laser printers to find the sensor and cover it in order to stop the printer thinking that the cartridge is empty. Does anyone know if that is relevant with this Lexmark, and how to get to the sensor? Or any better tips?