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What do you do to stay within your personal budget?

What do you do to stay within your personal budget?

Proper budgeting requires some good experience and money management skills. I would say that it is extremely hard to keep the budget low for the person, who hasn't done budgeting before and has a hard time understanding what kind of needs should be covered at the first place. Of course it depends on the purpose of your budget.
Is it your personal finance budget?
In this case just put all the basic needs first like: rent, taxes, gas, utilities, insurance, phone and other payments you are doing every month, then you need to add to it food and the cost of necessary things you need to buy the following month (I mean like winter coat, which you don't have, but the 10th pair of sneakers. Here you need to add 10% on top for the emergency. Basically this is a recipe.

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Hi, first of all avoid debts. Read carefully what happens if you ignore a collection agency and stay away of such troubles. In general, I recommend to make a shopping list beforehand and get rid of any expensive things. Hope it can help. Cheers

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