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Trip around the country

I'm going on a trip around the country for a week, I don't have my own car, by train or bus - not an option, I want more freedom of movement. What to do?

I think the most important thing is that it will be more convenient for you. I would recommend using Booking rent a car series, at least I already used it and I can say that they do everything perfectly. There are others, but it's up to your taste. In general, my advice is simple, choose what is closer to you.

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I don't even know how else it's possible to travel around the country. You can go on foot, or by bicycle, but I'll take you a lot of time, and what is more, it's dangerous. I also love traveling, and m favorite transport is plane. It's fast, comfortable, and thank europe fly not expensive. I know where and when I want to go, buy tickets in advance and save a lot of money.

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