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Hp HP Color LaserJet 2600N

Magenta not printing even its a new toner

Magenta not printing even its a new toner, im wondering if something wron on this unit hoping some will help me on this issue other colors are fine execpt the magenta or red color. please help thanks

Problem is the laser scanner mirrors. The magenta is on the bottom and therefore gets the most toner dust. You have to remove the back of the printer and the large circuit board to access the scanner assy. There is probably a video on youtube that shows the procedure. Don't use aything other than a dry cotton swab to clean the mirrors.

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I watched a couple videos and they are awful. This site use to sell a video showing the procedure. The ones on youtube take too much stuff apart and don't clean properly. They don't clean the spinning mirrors and the other mirrors and lenses. That's what you get for free.

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The most effective method to Fix a DVD/BD/CD Drive That Won't Open or Eject

Straightforward Things to Try When Your CD or DVD Drive Is Stuck and Won't Open

Have you at any point expected to open your CD or DVD drive (for the most part alluded to as your 'optical drive') yet proved unable? Simply your karma, your preferred film, computer game, or music was likely stuck inside.

Perhaps the workstation's capacity passed on, possibly the drive in your work area simply quit reacting, or perhaps the entryway was simply stuck or the circle came free from an attempt only enough to stick things up.

Despite what's going on, or what you think may be occurring, there's no motivation to surge out and supplant the plate or drive in light of the fact that the discharge button doesn't do what you anticipated that it should do.

Luckily, one of the accompanying two techniques quite often works to get the drive open:

Step by step instructions to Force Eject a Disk From Within the OS

We'll begin with the least demanding approach to get the drive open - skirt the physical catch outwardly and request that your working framework power launch the circle. You can possibly attempt this if your PC has control and is working. Avoid down to the following area if that is not the situation.

Time Required: Forcing your CD, DVD, or BD drive to launch by means of your working framework's directions is simple and should just take a couple of moments to attempt. Get a ignou distance mba here:

Open File Explorer in case you're utilizing Windows 10 or Windows 8. Quest for it or utilize the WIN+X menu to open it rapidly.

Open Windows Explorer in prior forms of Windows. You can do this by searching for that choice when you right-click the Start button.

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