asked Aug 19, 2019 at 8:30pm
Unknown Printer

Upgrade 2420 to duplex

I’ve got a 2420 and could get a 2420D (with duplexer), described as having a bad power board. Can I take the duplexer from that and install on mine? Level of difficulty? Firmware issues

PS this says “unknown printer” but I did select the model, etc beforehand. Cannot edit or delete posts here apparently. Also tried to post before with Firefox but it repeatedly errored out so this from Chrome

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PS2 sorry, if not clear, this is HPLJ 2420.

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Really hard to swap out the duplexor since you have to disassemble both printers to do it.

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OK, was hoping it was like lego. So will pass.

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Moe, it's impossible to make a new post here now. I think I can still reply so writing this. I tried with Firefox, Chrome, Windows, iPad, Linux.Turned off AdBlocker. All failed, all get "Unable to post" after I do the captchas. .I looked at your Facebook page; people write there they had the same problem, I guess you aren't reading that. Will follow with a new question if this post works.

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OK, my actual question: HPLJ 2420 as above.

I've been using a HP LJ2420 for a few weeks and it was working fine. I connected it via Centronics parallel cable. A day ago it started to have problems. I sent a print and it started to print the PS code. That happens when part of the print stream is lost and the rest is interpreted as plain text. I restarted the printer, killed the job, restarted the PC. A few more print jobs ended the same, then nothing at all: the ready light didn't flash at all as it does when receiving data. Yet the info screen shows "READY". I can print a config page from the menu. I guessed it might be the cable, but the connection looks fine. I don't have a spare to swap (and local shops don't carry them any more). I noticed that there was a small green light flashing next to the parallel port on the printer. I can't find anything about that in the service manual.

The config page says "Direct connect ports (USB/IEEE 1284) : ENABLED".
Pulled the Centronics plug. I tried to connect via the USB port. But plugging that into my Windows PC or a Linux laptop and there is no "Device found".

Got the official HP installer from their site. NO joy.

So getting a bit desperate now. Any idea what could be wrong and is it fixable?
I was planning to get a JetDirect ethernet card: if I do, what are the chances that will work even if the built in ports are fried somehow?

by Gweilo on Aug 26, 2019 at 3:52am Add comment

Definitely a communications problem. Like you mention, it could be several things. A jetdirect card would work, since it uses a different route.

by moe on Aug 28, 2019 at 11:21pm Add comment

Thanks. Have ordered a JetDirect 620N.

Please check out the access problem with the site though: I can only reply now, cannot make any new posts. There is a very aggressive ad popup that may be related. Or maybe because I'm in Australia now?

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I sold the site couple years ago, so I have no control over it. I have problems posting sometimes as well.

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-- Still can't start a new thread. So continuing here:

Previous issue: parallel and USB ports were unresponsive. So I got a JetDirect 620N card; which works. When installing it I opened the side panel and found a huge amount of dust, looks like it hasn't been cleaned since the day it was made. So I wonder if the dust caused the comm ports to short out? I cleaned the parts I could see, but likely there is a lot more deeper in. I had already cleaned the rollers and all I could reach from inside, after taking out the cart.
How big a job is it to take apart enough to clean it thoroughly? Is an amateur likely to end up breaking it?

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Dust won't cause shorts. It's working, so don't worry about cleaning it.

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