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Epson Epson Stylus Pro 9600

Epson 9600 Stylus Pro ... works great on Windows 10 with USB to Ethernet Hub

just to mention ... still have my trusty Epson 9600 Stylus Pro working great directly now on Windows 10 (not with a separate Windows 7 machine as printer server) using a “IOGear 1 Port USB Ethernet Hub Print server. The big issue with Windows 10 and the Epson 9600 Stylus Pro is the USB port issue.

I was going to order the actual plugin Ethernet board for the Epson 9600 Stylus Pro from a Chinese group who is still selling them ... but thought that it would be good to have a little software help as well.

Good Choice! - the IOGear’s software takes care of searching for and connecting to the correct assignment of the printer by the router (which changes) so just got to say ... I still have plenty of usefulness in my printer now - just keep it warmed up and clean out the printer heads... YEAH! BTW - when you run the print drivers to set up your Win 10 - might be a good idea to Rt Click on the driver install to use compatibility > Win 7 < ... to correctly install - then with USB connected through your IOGear USB/Ethernet Print Server Port/hub run the IOGEAR software to find and connect to the printer - note the printer hub’s IP Then run Add Printer in windows 10 ... point to the IP address - point to the installed folder of the printer driver ... and you should be Good To GO!

This is much better than my previous means of doing this by setting up a Windows 7 with the drivers and share the computer’s printer ... which leaves just another chink in the security of networked computers for a Malware attack - and you’ve got to be at least keeping it protected and updated ... while MS already said it is no longer feasible to protect Win 7 ...


Yeah right it is a good combination of Epson 9600 pro with window 10, I'm also using this combination. Only one time I face issue in printing, that time I printed an essay on abortion that I received from And that issue was not important because after few time I knew it was network problem.

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