asked Aug 13, 2019 at 3:08am
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Vision Blinds best choice in home

Vision blinds is a great alternative to the classic Venetian blind or roller, which combines the perfect balance of privacy and light control with the trend in fashion, striking bold stripes and color blocking.

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Vision blinds is an awful choice. In our dorm room was exactly the same thing. This is not the best choice. Not only was it expensive, it still did not protect from light. The sun's rays lighted into my eyes all the time and did not allow me to do my writing tasks. Once, I and my mate wanted to find out what are the best essay writing services and read some reviews, but the sunlight was nearby on the laptop screen. We could read nothing. It's better to cover your window with black paint. Maybe it would be well suited for houses, but we had a window to the east. All the light from the sun was in the room.

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