asked Aug 4, 2019 at 12:36pm
Hp HP LaserJet 2430TN

2430tn - prints blank pages

Sudden problem after installing new cartridge. Worked fine for a while, then began spiting out blank pages, even when I tried to print the config and supply life pages. Same problem with two other NEW cartridges. Took off many covers, everything looks ok, including the toner contact springs. The first cartridge (of 3) was hard to get out and bent the metal bailer that pulls the toner shutter open. Hat cartridge won't go back in.

I went to a customer once who had the same exact problem. I pulled out the cartridge and found the sealing strip still installed. It was also in the other 2 new cartridges. It wasn't a new printer either. He had it for awhile.

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Thanks for advice

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