asked Jun 17, 2019 at 8:34am
Canon Canon imagePrograf IPF610

"Close Upper Cover"

Canon ipf610 constantly displays "Close Upper Cover" following the replacement of a faulty printhead. Printer does nothing. Can't even switch off with the button, have to unplug completely. Can't enter Service Mode. Firmware is latest version so can't upgrade this. Anyone else had this with the ipf range?

I will answer my own question, it may help others.

From digging around I have found that this error usually appears following some kind of print head failure which then is normally followed by the dreaded "E196-404E" error. There is no easy cheap fix for this.

Firmware upgrades will not work.

DO NOT REPLACE THE MAIN BOARD ON ITS OWN. You will end up with 2 faulty main boards.

To resolve the error replace both the Carriage Assy (Head Relay PCB included) and Main PCB, it is these 2 pcb's that get shorted out. Do not install new Print Head at this time. Boot up machine in Service Mode to perform CPU Board Replacement Procedure. Boot up machine in Service Mode a second time and allow machine to complete the boot up process and come to a Ready state, this will erase the error. Boot up machine in User Mode and allow machine to prompt for new Print Head to be installed, install the new Print Head.

Another quick fix is to tie a chain around it and use it as an anchor.

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