asked Jun 14, 2019 at 11:56am
Oki Okidata MC 352DN

how to enter self-diagnostic mode for a MC332dn Oki printer which starts up with error ?

hi everybody,

i had a problem with my oki MC332dn (blanck vertical stripe for black text printing) and read that the drum might be concerned ; so i tried to clean the black drum but after remounting, i get a message "inspection is required error 163", which is a toner detection error for the black toner.

The service manual give these reasons for that: toner cartridge not installed or toner slide shutter not set, but in this case the toner cartridge is installed and his slide shutter is set. The sensors seem clean and i cleaned them again.

the manual says also that this error does not occur if the printer is in the factory shipped configuration, so i wish to set the printer in this mode or disable the sensor setting, but i can't enter the self-diagnostic mode:
the normal sequence [setting] [#] [0] [1] [0] [3] [*] doesn't work, due to the status error.

i noticed that users achieved to enter this mode despite errors when they hold, whilst turning on, a special combination of buttons, depending on the printer model : which is the right combination for a MC332dn printer?

thanks for your help