asked Mar 11, 2019 at 6:36pm
Hp HP LaserJet 4100

4100 LaserJet tray 1 constantly trying to pickup paper

After clearing a bad paper jam, cleaned unit thoroughly. Re-assembled, now it continually tries to pick up paper in tray 1. Will print from 2, but 1 is trying to pick up. Is major issue from printing from 1 for letterhead, envelopes etc. All flags sensors SEEM to be re-assembled correctly. No doubt it was due to my re-assembly which is was very cautious about. So we can rule out drivers, NIC etc. Please help!

You have to understand that it is really hard to offer any advice without knowing the extent of disassembly or being able to see the printer. Only advice is to take it apart again and be even more careful reassembling it.

by moe on Mar 12, 2019 at 2:12pm Add comment

Most likely the Tray 1 paper pickup solenoid is stuck ... you will have to remove and inspect that solenoid which controls the timing of the gear which turns the pickup roller shaft.

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Moe - I have tried to post a related 4100n tray 1 question on this site, but repeatedly get "is invalid" for my post. Am I not allowed to quote HP part numbers (in the HP service manual)? Is there a method to upload an image - page 292 - from this manual? Any help would be appreciated.

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I have an HP LaserJet 4100N with a Tray 1 feed problem. I have successfully replaced the separation pad (HP part # RF5-3086-000CN-C, description "Separation pad for tray 1 pickup assembly"). However, there is a second 'pad,' located on an arm underneath the separation pad assembly, which has become dysfunctional because it has disintegrated. There is no HP identification number for this part and no description. I would like to get a replacement part (or a suggestion for a homemade fix) to maintain my ability to use tray 1.

If you have the HP Service Manual, (HP Publication number C8049-90920, First edition, April 2001) and look on page 292, Figure 130 ("Tray 1 pickup assembly"), the separation pad - part # RF5-3086-000CN-C is identified as "7" in an hexagonal box in the upper left quadrant of that page. Immediately to the left, there is another, square box containing the mystery part. There appears to be a replaceable pad on this piece, but it has no apparent part number, and no description.

Any assistance that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. I can upload an annotated diagram, if the forum will allowit - please let me know the procedure.

By the way, members "wademm," "moe, " and "dmzcompute" - your skill sets are transcendent. I could not have kept my 4100 running without your terrific diagnostic and descriptive abilities. Thank you.

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