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OKI ES3640 showing error 380

Hi everyone,

I'm having an ES3640pro showing the famous error 380. I managed to find (and follow) the OKI troubleshooting & maintenance guide and took parts of the printer apart, following the OKI disassembly guide. The MPT and the registration unit are for sure free of any pieces of paper. It still claims error 380. The Service Menu --> Switch Scan Test --> Paper Route PU said H H H H before I took it apart and says now H L H H - I'm not sure whether this is good or bad. I feel I have not done anything wrong in putting it back together.

What keeps my mind spinning is that the MPT paper tray is not being lowered anymore to accept paper (this is since the error 380 first appeared). This may be due to the error 380 or not.

I would appreciate any ideas ...

Thank you! cb

Hi everybody,

I had now plenty of time to think and even had an OKI Technician looking at the machine. It has 310k copies on it and is about 7 years old now - accordingly no valid warranty is in place and spending a lot of money for having it repaired is not a real option either.

The really kind technician confirmed that I hadn't overseen anything obvious and none of the usual suspects was the cause of the error. We managed to find a defective ES3640a3 which was printing white sheets of paper completely black but transported the paper without issues; it had 150k copies on it only. It was within 1 hour driving range and was offered for 200EUR/USD (pick-up). It was supposed to be used as spare part supply and believed to be mechanically identical with the ES3640pro which is obvious since ES3640, ES3640pro and ES3640a3 share the same supplies and only vary in regards of the EFI controller and resolution.

Searching the internet for documentation unearthed the following manuals:

ES3640MFP / CX3641MFP Service & Troubleshooting Guide

ES3640MFP / CX3641MFP Component & Disassembly Guide

Just search for the complete text string.

I managed to swap as follows:

1: Tray 1 Feed Unit

2. Registration Assembly incl. Front Sensor PCB

3. complete MPT (Tray)

Following the disassembly guide in every detail made it possible the remove the covers, the MPT, tray 1 feed unit and the registration unit - in this very order. Putting it back together with the spare part units in reverse order finished the job.

Upon powering it up it lowered the paper intake tray of the MPT instantly before even further booting.

I found a little piece of plastic in the 3640pro, which may be a broken-off lever for some of the photo-coupler operated sensors. I didn't see where it may have been coming from; the position where I found it (right, rear end), indicates that it may have been be originated at the registration assembly or the MPT.

ES3640a3: Default Maintenance menu Password: 000000 (6x Zero), Default Admin Passwor: aaaaaa (6x a)

Bottom Line: Spent a lot of time, Learned a lot, Saved some serious money, I will not think about spent time vs. saved money.

Lessons learned: Look mid-term for another used ES3640pro to have a Plan B but maintaining the same supplies.

Best regards cb

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Problem solved!

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