asked Feb 9, 2019 at 5:09am
Unknown Printer

cartridge problem

i have just changed ink cartridge in my printer and it is not showing them as full I have reset the chip on them as well and still no joy anybody no what to do

To resolve the issue follow the steps:

On the very first step make sure,ink cartridges are properly installed in their allocated slot.Secondly,As you have installed a new cartridge so double check to make sure that the tape over the vent has removed.Third step is to check if the vents of the cartridges aren't clogged,if it is then gently clean the clog with a pin on the vent.Hopefully it will resolve the issue.,if not then try using different ink cartridge to check if the printer is able to recognize the cartridge.Now if the printer works with the old cartridge install that old cartridge again and check if the printer produces any result.If the printer is capable to print anything with that old cartridge then might be you new cartridge is faulty or replaced with another one.I would like to add that since you are using epson printer you might face an issue i.e epson error code 0x97 which can be resolved after reading the blog.

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