asked Dec 27, 2018 at 12:27pm
Hp HP Color LaserJet 4600DN

scanner drive motor replace

error code 5 1.2m, possible drive motor problem, cartridge looks ok. how do i replace the drive motor

Here's the service manual, jump to page 182 on removing the laser scanners. There's 4 in the mahcine one for each color. Magenta is the one giving you the error so replace that one. It's a bit involved to get to and the part number is RG5-6380

You can find these on Ebay and other sites used for a good price so not worth trying to open to clean to see if that is why it failed as you'd have to partially reassemble to test, easier to buy another and replace it. They don't go bad that often that I seen so you should be good.

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Forgot to add the motor is inside the laser scanner and all 4 the machine uses are the same part number and can be swapped around but swapping the bad one to another position will just cause the same error with a different letter on the end so not worth the time either.

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Many thanks for your helpful sharing.


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