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Unknown Printer



anybody come across fault on this machine asking for you to attach the ouput accessory even though there is not one attached or every has been.

I have not, If you haven't tried it shut down the machine from the front power button and wait a minute before powering back on.

Not sure how far you are willing to go but figured I'd write some ideas out just in case you have some technical skills or you may need to call in a local printer service company if it looks too much.

It might be the connector on the backside where the output finishers would plug in is shorting out, damaged etc. You'd need to open that up and unplug the connector cable that runs to the DC controller board (with machine powered off and unplugged from power).

Here's the repair manual showing removal processes and parts

Use page 110 for removing the back cover and track the cable of that connector to where it plugs into the board.

I would say try a firmware upgrade but that only works usually if there isn't an error displayed. You can try a partial clean from the pre-boot menu but will wipe out settings that were changed, it may reset the network card ip settings if you won't have those written down.

Here's the troubleshooting section of the service manual

Page 570 describes getting to the pre-boot menu to run partial clean. Formatting the disk is an option that wipes out the drive info/settings and you'll need a copy of the firmware on a usb stick if you do that.

If partial clean/formatting and loading current firmware does not solve it then it may be a bad DC control board that needs replaced.

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