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Xerox Xerox Phaser 8400

Error code 37,016,43 and DC test points

Hi! I have a Xerox Phaser 8400 printer that has an error code of 37,016,43. I have the service manual and the first step is to check the 50V power at the test point under the RAM DIMMs. I have found TP840,TP841 and TP842 below and to the left of the RAM DIMMS. Which one is the right one? Also do I check from the test point to ground? I believe it is DC but I'm not sure. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


1) If your Xerox printer shows some error that need not necessarily be a warning. Your printer is trying convey that there is some issue in it.

2) If the printhead fails warming up, the ink will not remain in the liquid tail.

3) The error code is basically because of the failure of the electronic module.

4) You have to take the printer to the nearest retailer, and get it serviced.

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1) These error codes denote an issue with the heaters in the printhead of the instrument.

2) This is caused due to an error in the supplied electric supply to the device.

3) Check if the device is supplied with stable power from a direct power source.

4) Do a power reset to the copier and then try restarting the operation.

5) It might occasionally denote an issue with the printhead. Open the printhead region and ensure proper movement of it.

6) If the issue persists, contact the service experts for immediate resolution.

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