asked Nov 1, 2018 at 5:28am
Canon Canon Personal Copiers (PC) 320

ink absorber full 5B00 fault

how do I empty the ink absorber

You can't empty it. Need to replace it. The pad holds a lot more ink and you can just reset it. Do a Google search for your model and waste ink reset. Should be a free reset available. You just have to push buttons.

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Go by the following steps to reset the print ink absorber of your Canon printer.

1) Ensure that the printer is powered off.

2) Press and hold the inscribed triangle shaped Resume button.

3) While holding it down, press the Power button. Now the green led light turns on.

4) Keep pressing the Power button and Release the Resume button and then press it twice again.

5) The light turns amber, then green again.

6) The Power button can now be released.

7) Hit the Resume button again for four times and then tap the Power button to confirm the Resetting of the Counter Absorber.

8) Restart the printer and perform the regular operations.

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