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Canon Pixma ix6850 opening the case, to get inside

Just got this printer new. I have the following problem. Somebody used the printer and had a bit of sticky tape on the back of the paper. This is now in the printer and when it takes in a new sheet of paper it makes funny noises.

I want to open the printer and see where it is stuck (I cannot see anything at present opening the covers). For this I need to remove the whole top (I assume) and I know there are the square holes with the little triangle where you can usually lift a little bit of plastic that allows you to unclip the cover. I see the holes but they are deep and I can not figure how to unclip the cover.

I found this ( and till step two it works. But the cover does not come of as I have 4 more holes on top (two on each site under the door that gives access to the cartridges and the paper transport rollers) where something seems to be needed to be unclipped.

Anybody out there who knows how to do this? I hope so.


I found a way to open the case. Thus any manual was inconclusive, I figured out myself. Unfortunately it seems impossible to upload pictures here.

Anyway. Continuing after your step 2:

When you open the case so you can look at the interior you see a hatch on the right side. You need to remove this and disconnect the cable. If you don't do this you won't be able to open the printer or the cable will rip off, you don't want either of that.

Then you have two holes on the left and the right side with tiny arrows. If you shine at the printer from the side with a strong lamp and look down the holes you can see two light dots. Right inbetween is the clip that you need to push down. If you do this on all four holes you can open the printer.

Hope this helps.


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