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Drive Name Change

i have a Seagate external drive used as backup; assigned to Drive I:; when I would boot up, that drive was always correct; yesterday, I replaced my printer (USB connection); now, the Seagate shows is as Drive K: and when I go to Disk Management to Change, Drive I: does not show as an option; if I reboot and immediately go to Change Drive, I: will be there.

What's the problem; how can I assure that the Seagate is always identified as I: ??

Thank you, appreciated!

Why do you have a Seagate external drive in your computer? If you want to use it as a backup, the below guidelines might help you. If you need to set up a RAID, look for How to Set Up RAID on your computer. However, please do not install a Seagate external drive for backup. The same power surge, malware, fire, or burglar that might prevent you from everything on your primary hard drive will also probably steal your backup.

Your drive may require to be partitioned and set up. At first, you need to get a Disk Management tool. Click Start if you are using Windows 7, XP, or Vista. Right-click Computer, or My Computer, and then select Manage. Click Disk Management once the Computer Management program is set up. You will discover the Disk Management in the left pane, below Storage. You can not click Start in Windows 8, so press WINKEY-X, and then select Disk Management.

Now, right-click the partition that you need to change, and then select Change Drive Letter and Paths. Click Change in the resulting dialog box and choose your desired drive letter in the next dialog box. Once you click OK, a dialog box appears warning you that some programs may not work. Go back and change the letters again if the problem arises. Changing an external drive's letter will not be permanent. The windows give the first available drive letter whenever you plug a storage device into a USB port.

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