asked Sep 19, 2018 at 9:48am
Unknown Printer

Printer makes grinding noise.

I have a real problem with me Epson 1500W.

When printing it makes a grinding noise about a minute into a print job as if a gear is slipping and the print head stays on the far left side. the power light goes off and the ink and trash buttons both flash simultaneously. There appears to be nothing blocking the print head's path and there is no debris in the machine.

The grinding noise problem in the printer occurs due to carriage stall or paper jam. Connect the printer to a power supply and turn it on. Open the top cover and verify whether the carriage or the service station moves to the center. If it moves, continue printing, else, proceed further.

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The problem you encountered is serious. I think you should see a technician to fix it.

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This noise can be caused by engine oil.

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