asked Sep 18, 2018 at 5:47pm
Canon Canon Pixma MX850

Error 501, 502

printer will not print. Print head not original, print hear not appropriate, but it is the print hear printer came with. Can this be override? My printer was perfectly well before downloading updates

The Pixma MX850 embeds Canon FINE Inkjet technology that combines Hybrid Ink system and 4-color Ink cartridge system. Replace the ink cartridge if a single color runs out. Turn off the printer. Open the access cover and remove the empty cartridges without touching the internal strips of the printer. Remove the seal and insert the new cartridge immediately. Do not leave the printer empty without the cartridge. Perform the Self-test operation to align the print heads to their original positions Do not keep the printer in open condition when it is not in use. This prevents dust and debris from entering into the printer. Replace the ink absorber, if it overflows enormously. To avoid frequent cartridge replacement, use the apt resolution that your documents and images prefer. toll-free I-866-z93-9zzo

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