asked Sep 15, 2018 at 9:37am
Unknown Printer

prepare imaging unit

I have a Samsung C460 series all in one laser printer. It has an error message saying "prepare imaging unit". I have reset the drum count to 0 and the error message went away. Will the printer continue to operate indefinitely? The total page count is less than 4500. The drum is supposed to be good for 16000 pages. Does Samsung include software that stops the printer from working?

Purchase a new imaging unit from a trusted retailer. Power off the printer and wait for few minutes until it cools down. Open the front access panel and remove the waste toner container from the printer. Pull the imaging unit (drum unit) using the edge handle at the bottom. Steady the unit as you pull it out with green holder on top of it. Hold the top and bottom handles on the new imaging unit and remove the protective tape from it. Slide the unit into the printer until you hear a Click sound. Do not expose the new imaging unit to open atmosphere for more than ten minutes.

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