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Hp HP Photosmart 5515

Black not printing

The black cartridge is not printing

The HP Color LaserJet Pro CM1415FNW printer prints black lines or black pages if the black toner cartridge is not calibrated.

Flash the Firmware on the printer device.

Check the power connection as well. Make sure it is connected to an electrical socket and not to a surge protector or a surge compressor.

 Try printing from a different printer software.

 If the page is properly printed using a different application, then the problem is with your printer.

 Uninstall the existing application and install the latest version of the application you are using currently.

 Adjust or change the paper settings. Check the paper if it is covered by dust or if it is wet.

 Adjust the media guides so that they do no stack against the paper tightly.

 Creased or wrinkled paper might be textured or moist.

 Rock the print cartridges. Perform the following.

 Open the front door of the printer.

 Pull the print cartridge drawer out and keep it open.

 Grab the handle on the first print cartridge and pull them straight up to remove it.

 Keep away from the green roller on the bottom of the cartridge.

 Now, gently rock the print cartridge front and back to distribute the toner equally inside the cartridge.

 Take the print cartridge so that the green drum should face the bottom side of the print cartridge drawer. Insert the print cartridge into its respective slot.

 Repeat the above steps for each print cartridge and make sure you reinsert each cartridge into its respective slot.

 After performing the above for all the cartridges, close the print cartridge drawer.

 Close the front access door.

 The HP Laserjet Pro CM1415FNW printer has a cleaning mode that can correct and prevent print quality owes. Do the following steps to clean the paper path.

 On the Home screen, tap Setup.

 Touch Service, and then the Cleaning Page option.

 Load plain A4 paper if you get a prompt.

 Touch OK to initiate the cleaning process of the printer.

 A page feeds through the printer slowly. Discard the page after the process is complete.

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Check the estimated ink level of the black ink cartridge. The ink level should not be lower than the actual level. If the ink level is lower or the cartridge fails to deliver ink, replace it by following the forthcoming steps. Purchase a new set of ink cartridges from the manufacturer. Ensure to purchase cartridges that are compatible with your printer. Raise the scanner lid and open the ink cartridge access door. Wait until the carriage turns idle and open the ink slot cover. Take the existing cartridge out and insert the new cartridge into the provided slot.

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