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asked Sep 6, 2018 at 12:06pm
Unknown Printer


can't print 4F

Printer is 6 months old I have only printed 1 500 sheet pack of paper??

Let us get the nature of the 4F error first. The error on a printer denotes that there is an issue with the printhead. This indicates that the printhead has an electricity supply error or there is a temperature issue. Troubleshooting this error is not an easy process as it shows that the printer has reached a complicated state which might even lead to the end of your printer's functionality.

The printhead operates as a result of the temperature rise in the resister that is present beneath it to splash the ink onto the paper. When the resister stops getting power or when it stands overheated, the 4F error is displayed by the printer. This happens as a result of the usage of refilled ink cartridges or substantial ink cartridges in most cases. It also happens when the cartridges are continued to be used despite the low ink warning leading to overheating of the resisters.

Here are a few ways that could be helpful in resolving this issue:

1. Since you have used the device for a short period, check the status of manufacturer warranty for your product. If you find that the product has a valid warranty, take it immediately to the service center for repair or replacement.

2. Get to know the printer functions. Some printers have removable printheads that can be replaced when needed. In such cases changing the printhead will be the solution to the issue.

3. If the printer is not compatible with the previous step, the process gets more difficult. Check the printhead area for obstruction from any unnecessary objects. Use a blower to clean the area with a gentle blow of air. Clean the printhead contacts and try printing again.

4. If you suspect a rise in temperature, allow the printer to cool down completely. Take out the cartridges and wipe the area. Remove the power supply and allow the printer to cool down for about half an hour. Reconnect the power supply and ensure that you do not install any dry cartridges into the printer again.

These steps could be of help only if the printer is in a serviceable state. When the device has crossed the state, it practically becomes difficult to resolve the issue as it involves huge expenditure which might force you to buy a new printer instead of repairing this one.

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