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Xerox Xerox WorkCentre 6505

Toner carrier (Developer?) replacement in Imaging Unit

I've just bought a used Xerox WorkCentre 6505N with a known issue with all 3 colors not being applied to a print (black was 100% working as new). As I did some reseach it lead me to believe that there could be an issue with the Imaging Unit so I took it out. I took out the mag roller assemblies and was presented with all color rollers being black. I now know that this was the developer (metal shavings?) but when I first saw it I thought the black toner migrated to the color rollers. With this in mind I disassembled the color mag roller assemblies and cleaned them out completely (I threw away the what I now know to be developer). When I refilled them with toner it started leaking all over the place which lead me to the research on the developer.

My question is where can I find a compatible developer and the amount that's needed to refill the Imaging Unit?

Hi, This the common that we get the problems in our printer. It is used for printing lots of pages and we face issues for electronic devices. If we have complete knowledge of printers then we can resolve without anyone's help. We have to read the user manual first completely so that we will get an idea about our issues. If you are facing a problem that you are unable to get a proper image of your desired input then you have to check your ink bottle and you have to check settings in your pc as well. You can find several resources are available over the internet. I have gone through USA essays, which have some good articles related to this topic.

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1) Switch off the printer by pressing the Power button. Open the input tray into the input tray.

2) Keep the fingers to open the access tray. Tilt the tab to 90 degrees. Take the imaging unit out of the printer.

3) Refill the toner into the printer. After a while, close the tray. Insert the tray. Press the power button to turn it on.

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1) Move to the Port configuration setting on the system. Deactivate the SNMP communication.

2) Disable the bi-directional support on the Driver properties. Update the firmware on your Windows system.

3) Move to the Printer Properties icon. Select Ports. Choose Configure Port and deactivate the SNMP.

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http://download.support.xerox.com/pub/docs/WC6505/userdocs/any-os/en/toner_cartridge_IS.pdf by using this link you can solve your issues. Get Quick Support Call Our (Toll-Free) 1-888-224-4280

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