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asked Aug 21, 2018 at 3:59pm
Epson Epson B 510DN

Adjustment Program

I Would like to download an Epson B510DN Adjustment Program can a ny one tell me where to find it ??

  1. To Reset Epson B510DN
  2. Turn on printer and connect USB cable
  3. Download Resetter Epson B-510DN
  4. Extract file (password: thanks)
  5. Open AdjProg.exe - Accept
  6. Particular adjustment mode
  7. Waste ink pad counter - OK
  8. Give check box Main Pad Counter and FL Box Counter
  9. Click Check – OK
  10. Click Initialization – OK
  11. Finish and then close adjustment program Epson B-510DN
  12. Turn off printer and then turn on back.
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