asked Jul 27, 2018 at 3:47pm
Hp HP OfficeJet 5510


When I try to plug the cable betwen the printer and the computer, I no longer get the tones indicating a connection. I've tried several different cables with same result. Therefore I think it's the output connector on the printer. Can this be replaced. Printer was working fine before this incident. Thianks for any ideas.


If you have another PC try plugging it in just to see if it sees it or try another USB port on the PC to make sure you don't have a PC issue. The port on the printer I have seen get damaged, you'd have to replace the formatter which is the board that has that port on it.

Other issue is trying to get the covers off to get to that board, if you're willing to do that try it first before getting any parts to be sure it isn't too much trouble and to match up part numbers. Not sure if any videos are out there showing disassembly or not, try searching "removing HP officejet 5510 formatter" might be one that gives you clues, there are no manuals for these as they are considered disposable when broken. This model I think was famous for breaking a gear in the service station, if you're wanting to fix vs replacing a few boards are listed on Ebay in USA, if outside US you may need to search yourself to see if any are listed.


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