asked Jun 27, 2018 at 8:54am
Hp HP Color LaserJet 3800DN

Jam inside top cover

Hi There,

I recently bought a second hand 3800dn printer. After bootup the printer is giving a error 13.20.00 Jam inside top cover. I opened up the front and top cover to check for any paper, but there is no paper anywhere. Even took out the fuser, but that also doesnt have any paper. Restarted the printer with and without the fuser but still same error. Where when i do a manual sensor test under diagnostics menu, it doesnt show any sensor on.

Any idea how to resolve this issue or check what might be going wrong.

When the printer is booting it tries to move motors for the fuser as i can see the gears moving, but can feel them kind of tight or strugling to move freely. When i tried to do component test and fuser pressure motor, I dont think the motor is moving as cannot hear any sound. Could this be kind of related to the paper jam issue.

Could some one pls give some direction to try and identify the issue.


The .20 indicates where the jam is located. The lower the number, the nearer to the tray. .10 would be pickup. .90 would be exit. .20 would be in the registration area. Usually, there is a metal flap behind the registration in most printer models and a sensor arm below it. Could be a scrap of paper holding it down or it just stuck down.

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Thanks Moe, for your reply. I checked the sensors where the paper is registered, no paper or jam. Plus also when ran manual sensor test and paper path sensor test. I dont see any sensor on. In diagnostics test if i manually move the clips which obstruct the sensor i see the sensor being reported on.

Still the error is not going away. Any other thing which i could test to narrow down to area/sensor which is leading to this error.


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