asked May 18, 2018 at 10:55am
Hp HP LaserJet P3015DN

grinding noise sometimes

Laserjet P3015 with 190k. I am getting a grinding noise on the first 2 pages printed most of the time. If I send 10 pages, the first 2 have a grinding noise coming from the fuser area in the back. The 3rd page on usually doesnt grind. If we are printing one page the machine will make the grinding noise about 70% of the time.. I had a used spare machine and swapped the 4 gears out on the printer that come in contact with the fuser but nothing changed.. I believe the fuser was recently replaced.. Should I try a new gear kit? fuser? any thoughts?

I would try a new fuser, it's hard to see the bushings that the lower pressure roller go through in the fuser but sometimes you can see them worn. Usually when the wear the pressure roller moves or floats as it runs causing the tan gear attached to the pressure roller to gap the drive gears enough causing the grinding or clicking noise or popping as it skips a gear tooth.

Make sure the cartridge is good as well since it sits near the fuser.

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