asked Apr 11, 2018 at 3:43am
Hp HP Color LaserJet CP3505DN

CP3505DN print shited right

Got this troubling machine second-hand, at first there was almost immediatelly the color problem (the usual stuff with toner dust covering mirrors inside laser unit). Partially solved that, later printed B/W only so I did not care that much about color. Than I was getting dark film on paper in recent two months, I thought maybe baking unit or belt was bad, this fixed by itself all of sudden. But instead, now the print is shifted about a centimeter right. I tried setting registration, it printed this (registration setting test page) OK (did only minor correction about few milimeters). But the ordinary test page and everything from computer is still shifted too much to the right side, it does not appear to be touched at all by the registration settings. Tried NVRAM initialisation with no change (besides the printer now complaining about non-original toner). I have noticed a small white plastic lever on the left side of the black toner rail was fallen down, preventing me to insert the toner unless I holded it up with a pice of wire. Could this be the problem, or is it something else? I am thinking if I should finally ditch this crap and use parts (incl. fully re-cleaned laser unit) for 3600dn? I have two of these 3600 so in thery I could be able to make one or two fully-working units out of these three. I presume that most parts besides the formater and other logic boards will be compatible?

Should be shiFted of course :D

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Sounds like a failure with the paper pickup assembly/feed assembly ... that part can be replaced if you want to steal it off one of the other machines, HP part# RM1-2755.

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The little black plastic piece you mentioned is the cartridge lock, which breaks often on that model, it should not be affecting the page registration

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