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Hp HP LaserJet Enterprise 500 MFP M525

LaserJet M525 | 13.B2.D2 Error - Tray 2

Hello everyone,

I've been working on a LaserJet M525 for over a week and counting. The initial problem that it was having was that pages were coming out with huge vertical creases on them. After replacing the fuser twice didn't work, along with some other attempts at troubleshooting, I eventually decided to replace the Tray 2 Paper Pickup Assembly (part number: RM1-8505-000CN)

The issue with the page creasing is now resolved, customer says he printed about 200 pages without issue, but now we're getting an issue on Tray 2 where it errors out with 13.B2.D2 , it seems like it is trying to feed paper from Tray 2 but can't, then after a few seconds this error comes up. Trays 1 and 3 print without issue.

During the course of the replacement of the Tray 2 Paper Pickup Assembly, a plastic part fell out and I have no idea where it came from or where it goes. I am wondering if this is the cause of the issue with Tray 2.

Here's a picture of the part, part number RC3-1916: https://imgur.com/a/PHZGs

I've google'd this part number but can't find anything substantial. I've also searched the LaserJet M525 Service Manual but this part number isn't listed in there anywhere.

Can anyone tell me if this part could be related to the issue with Tray 2? Otherwise, does anyone have any thoughts on how to resolve this Tray 2 issue? Reeeeeally hoping that I don't have to teardown this entire machine again, last time for the Tray 2 PPA was a nightmare...

Thanks in advance!


You have the only other post mentioning the search term 'm525' and it's dated 3 days ago. I too replaced an m525 tray 2 pickup assembly, for the first just a few days ago. In my case the paper is feeding fine but I wouldn't be here if I wasn't having trouble too. I will probably be tearing this machine all the way down again later today, so I will keep an eye out for anything that resembles the part from your photo.

That said, let me run my own case past you, since we seem to be the only ones on the site doing this job, or even working on this printer.

After the part was replaced I completed re-assembly and upon testing with a config sheet the printer outputted 3 blank pages. The control panel displayed "processing job from tray 2" during this time. If I open and close the toner access door it outputs another blank page or two, then nothing. The job never clears until I cancel it. Pressing the engine test button results in a perfect test print...

I would immediately point my finger at the formatter, if that didn't seem so ridiculous that the problem is occurring *now* after extensive work was done, but there was no known problem before hand.

Thoughts? For lack of a better idea I will be retracing my steps. There are no obvious loose connectors.

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RC3-1916 is a laser scanning assembly cable shroud. I don't think it has anything to do with your problem.

Have a look https://imgur.com/a/hLHAW

I still can't see what's wrong with mine either. I'm going to order a formatter I guess.

by csplinter on Apr 12, 2018 at 2:17pm Add comment

I was working on another model printer recently when it started doing strange things unrelated to the original problem. Took the formatter out and baked it in the oven and it fixed it. Always try that first before spending money.

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