asked Mar 23, 2018 at 7:17am
Hp HP Color LaserJet CP2025DN

Jams after duplexing 3 pages

I have inherited an old-stock CP2025DN from a previous employee at my organization. It is in like-new shape and only has about 1000 pages printed. It prints just fine single-sided. Using the duplexer (perhaps for the first time; IT dept does not even enable the feature by default) the following consistent pattern emerges:

Copy 1 - perfect.

Copy 2 - very slight nick on the leading edge of the paper just to left of center.

Copy 3 - larger nick on the leading edge plus additional deformation further to the left on the leading edge.

Copy 4 - paper is jammed in the duplexer with the leading edge crumpled.

The paper nicks correspond to the points on the guide fins in the duplexer paper path. None of them is broken or out of place; I cannot see how the paper could possibly be coming into contact with them to cause damage. There is no debris visible and all of the rollers are clean and grippy. IT dept has no idea what to do about it ("just print single sided").

I thought perhaps the paper was curling too much; I tried different paper as well as the "less paper curl" from the front panel and different paper types in the driver setup. Same pattern.

Any idea what to try next?

Hard to troubleshoot remotely. What you describe does sound like paper curl. The more pages printed, the hotter the fuser, the more curl. Don't know what else would make sense.

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