asked Feb 26, 2018 at 8:34pm
Hp HP LaserJet 1320N

Blank Pages


My HP 1320n laserjet printer is only printing blank pages. I learned this after my roommate said he checked the toner cartridge after his documents weren't printing. I knew that the toner cartridge wasn't the problem because we had been using the printer effortlessly months before, so I lifted the printer off its base to further inspect it and that is when I noticed a loose plastic noise inside the printer.

I managed to remove two small white pieces that I believe may have something to do with the "toner laser scanner" (not very familiar with the hardware components, and all the other forums I've searched have very little information on this particular subject.)

Does anyone have any information or any advice on how I can get this printer running again? Thank you!


When you insert the toner, it opens a shutter that keeps dust from the laser scanner. Likely cause of the blank pages would be the shutter staying closed because the piece that opens them broke off. If you take the top off the printer you can watch the shutter at the front bottom of the laser assy. when you insert the cartridge. You can remove the shutter as it isn't necessary for the operation

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Forgot to mention that the above link is a picture of the two white pieces I found.

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Thank you so much, I was able to fix the problem. It did turn out to be the laser scanner for the toner cartridge being blocked and I ended up figuring out how to reattach the two white pieces that fell out of the printer after I opened the top up.

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