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Unknown Printer

cartridges suddenly not recognized

Hi there, I know there haven't been posts about this printer for a while but I still hope someone can help me... I am quite handy myself and have been using this printer with my windows 8.1 laptop and before that on windows 7 without problems for years. Now, suddenly, it seems like the printer does not 'recognize' my cartridges anymore... I'll explain exactly how it happened:

Since windows 8 doesn't have a driver for this printer, I use a mini-hack to get it to work. The steps are described here (scroll down to the answer of 'Smittychat.'):

So, I have been using this technique to be able to use my printer for some years now and it has worked fine with official cartridges, refilled ones, unofficial ones, all fine. But the last time I did above steps, suddenly I got this error. the two droplet lights are blinking red every time I try to reset it or remove the cartridges. I went to the store to test it with a new (unofficial) cartridge while the printer was unplugged but turned on, and even that did not work. Though, in the store I did not do a hard-reset or something else.

Does anyone have an idea of what I could do to fix it? Help would be greatly appreciated, this printer is still one of the best home printers I know, even with all the fancy stuff out there...I am pretty sure the cartridges that are in it now are pretty new and they should be full.


Sorry, Alyster here. Somehow this post ignored the printer specifications I created. It's about an HP Deskjet 450 mobile printer.

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