asked Jan 4, 2018 at 9:26am
Unknown Printer

Samsung C2670FW A1-4111 Error COde

We have the C2670 connected to a network. First thing in the morning, no matter which computer accesses the printer, the machine throws a A1-4111 code. Either power cycling or simply opening the main toner door will cancel this code. This has been ongoing for several months. Recently it is happening occasionally throughout the day. It still can be cancelled by opening the door.

Researching online has not given a good response. Some noted it is a registry problem (on both computers, happened at the same time?). Some point to a faulty actuator motor (can be "reset" by opening door?). This SEEMED to start after replacing toner cartridges. Have taken all cartridges out, inspected, cleaned and replaced to no avail.

Hoping someone else has had this issue....