asked Nov 13, 2017 at 3:51am
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How Can You send a Roadrunner Webmail Message?

Hello Friends...

If you are stuck in any situation and wish to send the email to your clients, then head to use Roadrunner web email service to forward your mail to your specified clients. Follow steps...

1. The first thing you will require to do is just to start any web browser and then head to the home page of Roadrunner Webmail service. Now, just head to tap on the 'Mail" icon on the top right side of the screen and then head to login to your account. And to log in, just head to enter the right username and password to move on to the next step.

2) Now, head on to tap the "Subject" of the Webmail message that you wish to forward. You will witness the texts in the bold-type format and the full text of the message after the opening the displaying of the message.

3) After the above step, just head to tap on the "Forward" button on the top side of the menu and then just enter the right email address to where you wish to forward the whole message in the "To" field.

4) Now, you will require entering the whole subject of the message. You can even leave the subject area as the default.

5) Lastly, head on to tap the "Send" to email your webmail message. After sending the message, you will get the confirmation message.