asked Oct 8, 2017 at 10:49pm
Hp HP LaserJet M5035

52.00 ERROR

how to fix 52.00 error thank you in advance for the answers.

52 has always been a laser scanner failure, the service manual actually says the cover over top of the cartridge area can be removed without splitting the copier part off which is usually required on many MFPs to gain access to the laser. You could remove the laser scanner and open it up to carefully clean the mirrors inside gently with a dry q-tip in case dust is blocking the laser. You should be able to search online and find the service manual for this.

The manual says to actually reseat connections for the laser scanner first but if it wasn't worked on recently as in taken apart I doubt that will actually fix it. The part number for the laser scanner is RM1-2555-020CN or might be listed with the older version part number 000CN at the end instead of 020

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I should add also check for the shutter which usually has a spring on the left or right side, with that cover removed and looking at the laser scanner open and close the toner cover/lid to see if the shutter is moving. It probably requires the toner cartridge installed as well but should be moving open when the lid is closed, if not it will block the laser causing a 52 error as well. Some cartridges have a tab on them that can break but I don't think this model is like that, could be a tab on the lid though.

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