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asked Aug 10, 2017 at 6:49am
Hp HP LaserJet 5000


First, my printer is a 4600dn, not a 5000. The option for 4600 was not in your dropdown box.

Everything I print is fine, except labels. Printing addresses works fine, but if I try to add a graphic, the ink bubbles up and is of a very rough, blotchy texture. I have tried Office Depot, Staples and Avery labels. Our IT told me to try the labels, as their theory was that the company may have changed manufacturers and the new ones were not compatible with my printer. But after using both store brand and name brand, I can't believe this is the problem. I might add that we had no problem at all until about 6 months ago. We are using aftermarket ink, but we have been using that same ink for about 3 years without issue. It seems that the ink is either just isn't sticking to the page, or maybe it's getting too hot and bubbling up. Any suggestions?

Try setting a different paper type in the paper handling menu. That affects the fuser temperature and could solve your problem. It is possible that the company you get your remanufactured toner from started using a different toner from another company. I've seen lots of similar problems caused by remanufactured cartridges.

If you don't know how to change the settings, here'a a user manual. http://www2.nmcc.edu/media/download_gallery/hpclj4600ug.pdf

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Thanks. I changed the settings to Labels, and no success. I've sent a ticket to our HelpDesk, so I'm hoping they will give me a viable solution. But, I'm always open to suggestions - you know the old saying - two heads (or maybe more!) are better than one! Maybe I'll be able to tell THEM what's wrong! Thanks again!

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Try another setting like heavy stock or card stock, I use those settings for an HP monochrome laser printer for Ebay label printing. Label setting wasn't quite good enough for me and would still cause some smearing and rubbing off.

If you're printing from a word document or similar you can usually specify from there as well what type of paper to use in properties before hitting print. I myself setup another driver instance on my PC and changed the name to Labels Only then changed print preferences to use tray 1 (MP tray) and heavy stock paper as type by default then just change the printer selection when I need to use a label.

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I finally got the right IT guy, who changed the paper setting in my driver to Heavy, and that fixed my problem. I am curious though as to why I never had to change anything in the past and now all of a sudden my tried and true methods don't work. Thanks for your suggestions - you were right on point!

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